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Wrapped Bulk Candies
Wrapped Bulk Candy is the way to go when you want to offer bulk candy to your customers. A large variety in your store will ensure customers can purchase more of the candy they crave. Wrapped candy is an inexpensive alternative to unwrapped as health departments allow you to carry these in plastic containers rather than acrylic. You can also save money by ordering your wrapped candy wholesale here. The prices of these wrapped candies are amazing and your markup will put a huge grin on your face.
  • Chocolates
  • Candy Chews
  • Candy Mixes
  • Hard Candies
  • Jawbreakers
  • Mints

Candy that is wrapped is easier to share and carry with you since the outside paper protects from any sticky transfer. Toss a peppermint patty in your purse for those moments of a slight upset stomach. Always have a few pieces of wrapped gum in your desk for confident breath before meetings or just for a sweet treat during the day. Keep a bowl of wrapped candies in your home for a small dose of sugar when you just want that sweetness. Candies in wrappers also have a fun color and design effect that adds to displays. Have a fun candy favor for weddings, candy buffets and such with the colorful mix of wrappers. 
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Assorted Rods - 29lbs
Ginger Cuts - 30lbs
Assorted Rods - 14.5lbs
Average Rating(1)
Matlow Cry Mints - 6lbs
Rainbow Prop Pops - 12ct
Cotton Candy Puffs - 20lbs
Not for Sale
Birthday Cake Puffs - 20lbs
Average Rating(1)
Apple Bullseyes - 10lbs
Hershey Assorted Minis - 5lbs
Average Rating(1)
Hershey Kisses - 4.2 lbs
Average Rating(1)
Hershey Kisses -25.2lbs
Andes Gold Mints - 20lbs
Average Rating(1)
Andes Mints - 20lbs
Average Rating(1)
Chocolate Ice Cubes - 11lbs
Average Rating(1)
Wrapped Caramel Squares - 5lbs
Average Rating(1)
Vanilla Caramels - 5lbs
Zotz Assorted - 5lbs
Rootbeer Barrels - 40lbs
Average Rating(1)
Root Beer Floats - 32lbs
Mary Janes - 30lbs
Average Rating(1)
Bit-O-Honey - 30lbs
Chick O Stick - 30lbs
Leman's Mint Footballs - 15lbs
Average Rating(1)
Coconut Longboys - 15lbs
Walnettos - 5lbs
Assorted Toffees - 30lbs
Average Rating(1)
Lemonheads - 27lbs
Cherry Balls - 15lbs
Butterscotch Buttons - 32lbs
Average Rating(1)
Cinnamon Balls - 15lbs
Atomic Fireballs - 10lbs
Average Rating(1)
Atomic Fireballs - 30lbs
Black Jack Taffy - 23lbs
Average Rating(2)
Jolly Ranchers - Asst. - 30lbs
Average Rating(1)
Smarties Rolls - 40lbs
Average Rating(2)
Starlight Mints - 30lbs
Sunkist Fruit Gems - 10lbs
Average Rating(5)
Pixy Sticks - 2500ct
Average Rating(1)
Satellite Wafers  - 12ct
Mini Cow Tales - 11lbs