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The wide variety of toppings makes Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt a hopping destination.

What takes frozen yogurt from a simple treat to an amazing taste sensation? Toppings! From decadent chocolate to healthy nuts, make your yogurt or ice cream shop sensational by having the most extensive dessert topping selections in town!

Try One or Try All! Customers will have a hard time choosing their favorite toppings when they see the great variety of yogurt toppings from delicious colored chocolate candies including color sixlets and color chocolate gems to the chewy goodness of gummy candy.

We offer a great selection whether you want the old fashion taste of chocolate sprinkles or something with a delectable nutty flavor. Offer many frozen yogurt toppings and become a dessert adventure shop!

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Chocolate Mini Ice Cream Cones - 8lbs
Not for Sale
M&M's Mini -12.5lbs
M&M's Mini - 25lbs
Reese's Pieces - 25lbs