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Yogurt Toppings / Candy Dispensers

Yogurt Toppings/Candy Dispensers

For a kid, the most exciting part of your yogurt shop will be all the glorious toppings. Kids love to decorate their frozen treats with candy, cookies, and more. However, if you imagine all the little hands reaching for those crushed candy toppings you will quickly realize the benefit for these yogurt topping dispensers. Without proper containers, toppings will scatter and quickly turn your shop into a mess. The best way to showcase these items is in ice cream topping dispensers specially designed for them. Whether wall mounted or on a counter, these dispensers are a great way to preserve the freshness of your product, keep the mess under control better as well as save on merchandise loss. Most of these topping dispensers have portion control capabilities which further ensure that toppings aren't wasted. Wall mounted topping dispensers provide more open space by taking advantage of wall space to store bulk toppings.