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12 Vase Floral Cart
12 Vase Floral Cart

12 Vase Floral Cart

Part Number:82307-FC236312 Price $478.23
  • 360° Accessibility
  • 12 Vases For Larger Variety
Make a beautiful entrance! Put this 12 Vase Floral Cart at your entrance (inside or out) and customers will be drawn in. Flowers are such a natural beauty take advantage and include it in your décor along with bringing in profits. Balloons on sticks, silk and real flowers all make for great displays in this flower stand. Make sure and order yours today and watch your profits increase! 

  • Dimensions: 24"W x 63"H x 24"D
  • Vase Size: 3"W x 13"H x 8"D 
  • Fresh Flowers sign included

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