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18 ft Wood Candy Cabinet Polycarbonate Bins 3 sections
18 ft Wood Candy Cabinet Polycarbonate Bins 3 sections

18 ft Wood Candy Cabinet Polycarbonate Bins 3 sections

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Our 18 foot Wood Candy display wall with 3 sections together displays our clean and safe BPA Free bulk candy bins with scoops. To ensure sales of your bulk items it is vitally important for customers to feel drawn into your location and welcomed. This wooden bulk candy display has a natural inviting feel to it with the lightweight and clear, hard to break bins filled with grains, sweets, dried fruit, baking goods like flours and so much more. Patrons have more freedom when they shop from bulk bins versus pre-measured containers. Whether they wish to obtain more or less of each item the precision of weighing their products in volume is essential to some. This polycarbonate bin set up provides you with a cleaner candy display than acrylic built containers as well as being easier to work with.  This wooden bulk cabinet display is a first-rate addition to your business that will make your merchandise stand out. Make sure to order your wall display today!


  • Generate Anticipation For Impulse Purchases
  • Durable Polycarbonate Bins Showcase Bulk Candy Colors
  • Wooden Displays Add Warmth To Your Location
  • Three Wooden Candy Display Sections -  
    • Dimensions for each Section - 6' 6" Width x 1' 10" Depth x 6' 5"H
  • 54 Polycarbonate Scoop Bins 
    •  BPA Free Polycarbonate Material
    • 18 - 12 X 13 Scoop Bins
    • 36 - 12 X 17 Scoop Bins 
Free Shipping Includes: 
  • Lift gate service and a phone call before delivery
  • Shipping it with lift gate service meaning to the back loading dock of a store or mall
  • Does not Include delivery from loading dock (back of store) to or through a doorway of the store

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