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1960's Decade Candy Box - 6ct

1960's Decade Candy Box - 6ct

Part Number:82403-21917 Price $65.15
This 1960's Decade Candy Box is filled with a mixture of candies that were favorites in the decade of peace, love and Woodstock. Some of these wonderful nostalgic candies you can get today and some are harder to find. So pop open this decade box and go back to the 60's. Give as gifts for family and friends who remember that great period of time. Order yours today!

  • 6 Count
  • 10 Ounces
  • Includes: Atomic Fireball, Candy Cigar Red Hots, Candy Necklace, Dots, Jawbreaker, Licorice Stick, Necco Wafers, Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottle, Smarties, Smarties Pop, Sugar Daddy, Tootsie Roll, Tootsie Roll Pop and Wax Lips

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