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3 Gallon Large Candy Jars - 6ct

3 Gallon Large Candy Jars - 6ct

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Use these stackable containers anywhere you need to save space. The three-gallon size will allow you to display lots of product. Whether you use these plastic bins for candy or other merchandise you and your customers will be able to clearly see what’s inside. The plastic candy containers are perfect to display wrapped candies. No matter how you decide to use the candy jar customers are sure to stop and check it out and find their favorites. Stack them and fill them up. Order Today!

There will be a minimum of 7-10 day production lead time

*Additional $3 shipping charge for each container as shipping is charged by dimensional weight - if shipping cost is a problem, consider the 2 1/2 gallon fish bowls.

  • 6 candy jars: each candy jar is 384 ounces.
  • Perfect for retail items
  • Stackable
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 8 x 8.625

Uses For Large Plastic Jars That Are Worth The Space

Any successful shop owner knows that the key to increasing sales is making the most out of their available sales space. For this reason, many tend to choose display pieces that are on the smaller size because they can use more of them. However, there are many cases in which it is well worth taking up the space to use large plastic jars in a store.

Although there is a time and place for using smaller containers, they simply will not do the trick in many situations. There are some items that simply cannot be sold out of convenient jars if they are not of the larger variety. Small toys and larger foot items, such as candy bars, are best sold on counters when they are placed in large jars with easy access.

Even smaller items can often be sold in a more convenient manner when they are in larger jars. For example, a store that sells individually wrapped candy out of a small container will find that they frequently need to head to the back room and refill the jar. A large jar can be filled once at the beginning of the day and remain stocked until closing time at night.

In addition to being used as sales pieces, large jars can be very helpful for keeping the business end of a store organized. For example, a disorganized cash wrap can result in confusion and, in many cases, poor customer service. Keep these jars below the register to keep a variety of items, from writing utensils to extra receipt paper, organized and ready to go.

Large plastic jars do take up more space than the smaller options but, in many cases, it is well worth the sacrifice. There are many items that can only be sold from larger containers and, when filled with smaller products, they do not need to be filled as frequently. They can even be used to help ensure that employees are always ready to give the best possible service.

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