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3 Musketeers Bar - 36ct
3 Musketeers Bar - 36ct

3 Musketeers Bar - 36ct

Part Number:82403-28626 Price $70.85
3 Musketeers Bar are a wonderfully light and flavorful candy bar created with a whipped nougat center and coated with milk chocolate. It was introduced in 1932 and got its name due to the fact that it originally had three pieces in one package. Each of those pieces had a different flavor; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. However, wartime limitations on sugar forced the mars company to phase out the vanilla and strawberry pieces which left only the favorite which was, of course, the chocolate. So now we have this great chocolate bar to enjoy for generations to come. Order these delightful chocolate treats today!
  • 36 Count
  • 1.92 Ounces
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free

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