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4 Way Candy Rack

4 Way Candy Rack

Part Number:82913-92582 Price $194.78
Includes 32 Peg Hooks
6 Inch Peg Hooks
  • Four-Sided Snack Rack
  • Ideal For Snacks & Candy
Watch the snacks go round and round! With this four way candy rack customers may have a hard time deciding on just one treat for the day. This snack rack will have kids and grown- ups alike going from one side to the other trying to choose their favorites. This metal display rack can show case everything from snack bags to individual candies and with four sides customers will always find a tasty snack or two. This candy fixture will make the most of the area you have available and keep candy within reach. Stock it up and watch it go. Add to cart and get it today at Candy Concepts Inc.

  • (4) 2' wide x 4' high grid panels
  • Quad Base 
  • 32 - 6" peg hooks 
Four Each: 
  • 6.5" deep shelf
  • 8" deep shelf
  • 10" deep shelf 
  • 12" deep shelf 

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