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64 oz Mini Montana Jars w/Aluminum Lids - 2ct

64 oz Mini Montana Jars w/Aluminum Lids - 2ct

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64 Ounce Mini Montana Jars with Aluminum Lids make a fantastic display jar for your store. Perfect for holding bulk items such as candy, baked goods, chocolates, and all the delicious items you choose to offer. Also available in a 48-ounce size and the 96-ounce size so you can design an eye-catching showcase in your shop. There is a simple elegance to the construction of this glass canister which makes great gift containers as well as keeping your kitchen counters neat and clean by using jars for flour and the like. The air-tight lid allows you to store coffee, tea or other items you want to be kept fresh. Order yours today!

Please Allow 2 - 3 Weeks Lead Time, No Rush Orders Please

  • 2 Count
  • Each Canister Weighs 5.86 Pounds
  • 2 Quarts

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