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70 Quart Food Warmer
70 Quart Food Warmer

70 Quart Food Warmer

Part Number:82909-7031 Price $460.84
A Food Warmer that heats and displays! Boost your profits as your chips stay warm, crispy, and fresh. The concession equipment can be placed at eye level with your customers to produce impulse buying and making more profits. This food warmer has tempered glass panels and is made with sturdy stainless steel and an aluminum frame. These cabinets are perfect for popcorn, peanuts, and nacho chips. This electric food warmer is ideal for arenas, skating rinks, malls, stadiums, and other concession stands. Purchase your order today!

  • 12"W x 15"D x 26"H
  • Warming cabinet heated deck
  • Easy to clean surfaces - just wipe with a damp cloth
  • Perfect for popcorn, nacho chips or peanuts - graphics for all are included

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