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Acrylic 5 Tier Step Display
Acrylic 5 Tier Step Display

Acrylic 5 Tier Step Display

Part Number:81107-326037 Price $59.36
Acrylic 5 Tier Step Display comes with two-inch step dimensions and constructed of clear acrylic material to give you style and dependability. The tiered step gives you about two-inches of space to add merchandise and with this design, customers have full view of the products displayed. Showcase merchandise you want to sell quickly or advertise various colors of nail polish, vape flavors, personal hygiene essentials and much more. No matter which way is up on your tiered fixture, you are utilizing it the right way because this clear display can be flipped over. Maximize your counter space by including this stair-step retail fixture into your store. Ordering is simple, just click add to cart then proceed to the checkout with the payment information ready to use.

  • Overall Dimensions: 14.75" W x 13.75" D x 8" H
  • 5 Tiers With 2" Step Dimensions
  • Made Of Clear Acrylic Materials
  • Flip Fixture Over To Use Two Different Ways
  • Have Your Display Appearing Neat & Organized 
  • Maximizes Counter Space
  • Sturdy & Dependable Fixture
  • Stair-Step Design Easy To View Products

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