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Acrylic Bins Shelf Kit For Gondola - Bin Choice
Shown with 2 Sets of the 12"W x 17"D Acrylic Bins

Acrylic Bins Shelf Kit For Gondola - Bin Choice

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errorgif Acrylic Bin Size
This Acrylic Bins Shelf Kit For Gondola fixtures offers a set of bins to round out and perfect your gondola fixtures. With no front or top lid as well as no scoop holder, you can stock such items as large jawbreakers, make a colorful display of all your saltwater taffies, larger wrapped goodies like moon pies, all of your products which are ok for patrons to reach in and pull out without sanitary issues. K-cups are a perfect fit for these bins. Place a label or sign across the front of each acrylic bin stating the flavor held within each container. Customers can pick and choose all the wonderful tastes they wish to sample or return to buy more of their favorites. These bins for retail gondola fixtures slide out so that restocking is a breeze. Choose which set you would like or order them both for a truly outstanding retail display setup. The large signage area allows you to capture the attention of shoppers who will love the ease of seeing what is contained within. Create your ultimate gondola display and order your bin kit today!
  • Includes the bins of your choice and steel shelf beam kit
  • The bins are a modified version of our standard scoop bins
  • No front or top lids and no scoop holder
  • Made specifically to reach into and grab large / wrapped items with your bare hands. 
  • Fits an existing 4-foot wide gondola - Gondola Not Included
  • The front face allows you a space to place a label or other signage
  • Bins slide out on specially-designed arms for easy and quick restocking
  • Bins Are BPA Free & NSF Certified (Simply Means This Product Meets Public Health and Safety Standards and Promotes Food Safety)
Choose from the following:
  • 4 Count Acrylic Bins - Dimensions: 12"W x 13"H x 17"D - 7 Gallon Capacity
  • 6 count Acrylic Bins - Dimensions: 8"W x 13"H x 17"D - 4.5 Gallon Capacity
  • Both Sets of Acrylic Bins - Total of 10 Bins and two shelf kits
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