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Acrylic Deluxe Clear Cube Showcase - 10"
Acrylic Deluxe Clear Cube Showcase - 10'

Acrylic Deluxe Clear Cube Showcase - 10"

Part Number:81107-300687 Price $120.84
Need a versatile acrylic display you can use as a floral vase, a table riser, or on a candy buffet? Come and check out our 10" Acrylic Deluxe Clear Cube Showcase! Use this square shaped bin for all the reasons mentioned and then some. Advertise your impulse merchandise in a sophisticated and elegant 10 x 10 x 10 clear square cube or create your own candy buffet for special occasions and holidays. Each deluxe cube is made of of top quality acrylic material and is approximately 3/16" thick. Easy to order, just add to your online shopping cart and order yours today!

  • 1 Count Deluxe Clear Cube
  • 10" W x 10" D x 10"H
  • Constructed Of High Quality, 3/16" Thick Acrylic
  • Clear Acrylic Material
  • Showcase Merchandise At Your Checkout Lines, Table-tops, Cosmetic Counters Plus More
  • Download these instructions for future use: 

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