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Acrylic Headband Counter Stand - 24in
Acrylic Headband Counter Stand - 24in

Acrylic Headband Counter Stand - 24in

Part Number:81107-900034 Price $65.72
Looking to advertise hair accessories like headbands? Come and check out our Acrylic Headband Counter Stand that measures just over 24-inches wide. This retail store display is made of clear acrylic material and is perfect for taking on the road when you want to showcase newly design head dress accessories at flea markets, fall festivals, earth day festivities, and at the mall kiosk. This sturdy and dependable stand is about 6.5 inches tall with a diameter of approximately five-inches. Add your beaded hair products, plastic decorative bands, or your artsy cloth hair protectors. We also have this same style counter display in medium (15.875" W) and small (11.875" W) headband display sizes. Display possibilities are endless, get your creative thinking cap on and be ready to design while increasing your sales. Come and shop with us for your choice and save yourself time and money by purchasing online today!

  • Overall Dimensions: 24.25" W x 6.5" H x 5" Dia.
  • Clear Acrylic Material
  • Add To Your Retail Store, Use At Trade Shows and More

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