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Altoids Arctic Wintergreen Mints Tin - 8ct

Altoids Arctic Wintergreen Mints Tin - 8ct

Part Number:82403-33116 Price $20.20
  • Compact Container For On-The-Go
  • Increase Impulse Buying At Service Counters
Altoids Arctic Wintergreen Mints Tin are 1.2-ounce reusable containers filled with curiously cool mints you can have in your shirt pocket, handbag or backpack. Have on hand at all times so you can freshen your breath at a moment's notice. The display box not only attracts more attention with the shiny silver colors but sits nice and neat at your service counter for those last-minute purchases by your customers. Ordering your sugarless mints has never been easier, simply click add to cart to include in your purchase today!

  • 8 Count
  • 1.2 Ounces Each
  • Curiously Cool Mints
  • Sugar-Free
  • Wintergreen Flavored

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