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Assorted Gumballs - 850ct
Assorted Gumballs - 850ct

Assorted Gumballs - 850ct

Part Number:81704-FC1075 Price $54.94
Gumballs in assorted colors are perfect for filling or replenishing your supply in gumball machines, candy containers, birthday party treat bags and more. Kids of all ages and the young at heart enjoy the sweet taste of these deliciously flavored gumballs. Each piece of round candy-coated gum measures approximately one-inch in diameter. This package includes approximately 850 pieces per order. You get a variety of colors like yellows, reds, greens, pinks, blues plus so many more. Buying bulk gumballs ensures you have plenty to go around and saves you money in the long run. Place an order for your assorted flavored Dubble Bubble brand gum balls today!

  • 850 Count
  • Dubble Bubble Assorted Flavors
  • 1" (25 mm) Diameter Gumballs 
  • Ideal Size For Penny Candy Machines
  • Kids Love Them
  • Buying Bulk Saves Money

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