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Bag Style Cheese Dispenser
Bag Style Cheese Dispenser

Bag Style Cheese Dispenser

Part Number:82909-95300 Price $918.38
The zesty kick of cheese sauce from this Bag Style Cheese Dispenser will be great in combination with your nacho chips or baked potatoes. The cheese dispenser preserves an airtight control over your cheese which not only prevents drying but also ensures you get the most cheese from the bag. Have some peace of mind knowing you are getting the most product for your money. Since the cheese doesn't touch the working parts of the machine, you have an ease keeping it clean. Have one bag warming on the side so there is no down time for customers. The cheese container is easy to refill, purchase today!


  • Tight air control over your cheese sauce
  • Extracts more product from every bag 
    • Reduces costs
    • Gives you the most of your product
  • Cheese never touches the machine parts
    • Almost no internal cleaning required 
  • Faster loading
  • Easy to line up the pump
  • Space for a second bag to pre-heat inside
  • Now with three button dispensing 
    • Control, Adjustable Settings, and Improved Air Flow
  • Meant for use with cheese bags with a disposable dispensing tube
  • UL approved. 
  • 28"H x 10"W x 16"D

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