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Banana French Chew Taffy - 24ct

Banana French Chew Taffy - 24ct

Part Number:82403-16148 Price $19.47
Banana French Chew Taffy is showcased in a bright yellow display box that you can place on candy racks, countertops, and other locations in your candy store for easy viewing. There are 24 bars per box and each one is 1.62 ounces of chewy deliciousness. Banana is a popular flavor so offering a variety of wholesale candies with the great taste is a great way to increase profits. Taffy is fun to eat and is a terrific item to include in birthday party goody bags to send home with guests. Be sure to order yours banana chewy candy today!

  • 24 Taffy Bars
  • 1.62 Ounces Each Bar
  • Made In Copper Bowls
  • Recipe Made Perfect In 1871
  • Creamy And Chewy Candy
  • Banana Flavored

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