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Banana SnoCone Syrup
Banana SnoCone Syrup

Banana SnoCone Syrup

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Banana SnoCone Syrup is a sweet and delicious sugary syrup that is one of the great flavor choices available for you to offer customers. The best part of a sno-kone is the ability to take a little ice and add flavor from a wide range of available syrups and create individualized treats for customers. You can also add flavor to shakes and other beverages. Each gallon will flavor up to approximately 60 to 70 snow kones and there is no mixing involved. One serving equals to about 8 ounces. All you have to do is add your desired amount of goodness. Choose your choice of purchasing the one gallon jug option or for larger events and locations pick the case of four gallon option whichever best fits your needs. Order your flavored syrup while shopping online now and add this wonderful banana flavored syrup to your concessions!

  • Choose a 1 gallon container or a case of 4 Gallons
  • No mixing required
  • Use on Snow Cones, for Shake Flavoring or Shaved Ice
  • Approximately 60 - 70 Sno-Kones Per Gallon
  • Serving Size 8 Fluid Ounces
  • Works well with gallon syrup pump

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