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Bearied Treasure Gummies & Toy
Bearied Treasure Gummies & Toy

Bearied Treasure Gummies & Toy

Part Number:82403-41057 Price $28.70
Bearied Treasure Gummies & Toy are the perfect treats for birthday parties, especially pirate or pool themed ones. Open the mini treasure chest and you will find gummy bears and a surprise toy figurine. Add this display case full of brightly colored and decorated treasure chests in your candy section or near your registers for an impulse sale. Customers can come back for more and collect all the figurines and enjoy the candy. Who doesn't love finding treasure in a chest? Let the kids at your next event have a blast opening these. Candy shops keep them coming back for more with the gummy and toy chests. Order today!

  • 10 Containers
  • Mini Treasure Chest Filled With Gummy Bears and a Surprise Toy Figurine
  • Perfect as a Favor For a Pool or Pirate Themed Party

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