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Best Selling Wholesale Candy
Best Selling Wholesale Candy

Best Selling Wholesale Candy

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Planning to open a new store, adding a candy section or renovating your existing facility? This package deal has the words best-selling in the title for a reason. Check out our Best Selling Wholesale Candy deal and make your business decisions more simple and easier by adding our bulk candy package complete with 40 various types of top selling candies. This bulk candy blowout features a large number of delicious tasting morsels such as Malted Milk Balls, Chocolate Covered Raisins and Almonds, an assortment of shapes and flavors of soft yummy gummies, and many other unwrapped bulk candies. With such a wide variety, you are sure to please your customers with adding these to your inventory. This is a wholesale candy package that will do the work of selling for you. Shoppers will be intrigued by the various colors and drawn to your exhibit. Start your business out right by adding a bulk candy section like no other. If you are planning to sell candy by the pound, this is a great starter kit for you. Order your discount candy bundle today and save!

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This Candy Package Includes:
  • 20 Pounds Milk Chocolate Raisins
  • 20 Pounds Dbl. Dipped Chocolate Peanuts
  • 20 Pounds Bridge Mix
  • 20 Pounds Milk Choc Trip Malted Milk Balls
  • 20 Pounds White Twist Pretzels
  • 18 Pounds Milk Choc Covered Gummi Bears
  • 20 Pounds Milk Chocolate Almonds 
  • 20 Pounds Milk Chocolate Pretzels
  • 10 Pounds Mini Pecan Caramel Patties
  • 20 Pounds White Mini Pretzel Twist
  • 30 Pounds Juju Coins
  • 30 Pounds Vanilla Bullseyes
  • 30 Pounds Assorted Fruit Sours
  • 20 Pounds Gummi Fish
  • 30 Pounds Spice Drops
  • 30 Pounds Runts
  • 11 Pounds Candy Blox
  • 20 Pounds Wild Fruit Gummi Bears
  • 20 Pounds Gummi Red Raspberries
  • 20 Pounds Wild Fruit Gummi Worms
  • 18 Pounds 4" Neon Sour Gummi Worms
  • 20 Pounds Giant Gummi Rattle Snakes
  • 20 Pounds Mini Gummi Butterflies
  • 20 Pounds Rainbow Licorice Laces
  • 10 Pounds Silly Bananas
  • 18 Pounds Peach Gummi Rings
  • 18 Pounds Sour Cherry Gummi Rings
  • 18 Pounds Sour Green Apple Gummi Rings
  • 18 Pounds Sour Watermelon Gummi Rings
  • 18 Pounds Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings
  • 18 Pounds Strawberry/Banana Gummi Rings
  • 18 Pounds Super Sour Poppers
  • 20 Pounds Gummi Rain-forest Frogs
  • 10 Pounds 49 Flavor Jelly Belly Mix
  • 10 Pounds Sunkist Fruit Gems
  • 20 Pounds Gummi Fruit Salad
  • 30 Pounds Sour Patch Kids
  • 20 Pounds Awesome Blossoms
  • 13.5 Pounds Mike & Ikes
  • 13.5 Pounds Hot Tamales

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