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Black Jack Gum - 20ct
Black Jack Gum - 20ct

Black Jack Gum - 20ct

Part Number:82403-40358 Price $16.41
Black Jack Gum was the first flavored gum made in the United States in 1871, also the first gum to be offered in stick form. Made with the distinct flavor of anise, tastes similar to licorice, this gum was discontinued for a while and has now been brought back. Now younger generations can treat this unique chewing gum and older generations will be happy to have the nostalgic return of this wholesale gum. The original packaging is back so customers will easily recognize the product when they peruse your shop. Stock up your retro candies and gum inventory and order this blackjack gum today!

  • 20 Count
  • 0.44 Ounces Each
  • Anise-Flavored Gum
  • Nostalgic Candy
  • Soft Chewing Gum
  • Original Style Packaging

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