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Black Licorice Swirl Salt Water Taffy - 20lbs

Black Licorice Swirl Salt Water Taffy - 20lbs

Part Number:81105-103437W Price $67.86
Retail Price:$78.95 Savings:$11.09(14%)
  • Elegant White swirl in the middle
  • Real Flavor and Taste of Black licorice
  • Easy to eat no messy cleanup

Black Licorice Swirl Salt Water Taffy is a delicious treat for all. The Flavored Taffy taste like the real thing. Soon as you grab a piece you can see through the wrapper at the elegant swirl of white inside the black outside. Makes the perfect Taffy Candies for any occasion birthday parties, Halloween treat bags and much more. Try out the 20 pounds of chewy sweet goodness with this salt water taffy. Each pound has approximately 65 pieces.  Add to your shopping cart today!


  • 20 Pounds
  • Approximately 65 Pieces Per Pound
  • Pre-wrapped for sanitary display and distribution
  • Manufactured in a Nut-Free and Gluten-Free Facility

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