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Blue Raspberry SnoCone Syrup
Blue Raspberry SnoCone Syrup

Blue Raspberry SnoCone Syrup

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Blue Raspberry SnoCone Syrup is ideal for adding flavor to various types of items such as sno-cones, shakes, shaved ice and to your dessert bar for customers to top their favorite desserts of any type. As bright as a color blue can get, add this delicious sugary sno-kone flavor to your concession stand for your next money making event like carnivals and fairs. You will be able to top approximately 60 - 70 shaved ice cups in a paper cone with one pump. A serving size equals out to about eight fluid ounces. This liquidy treat requires no mixing making it easy and simple to use. You have a choice, choose to only purchase one gallon or a case containing four gallons. Pick the one that best fits your needs. Order your blue raspberry flavored additive today by adding to your online shopping cart now.

  • Choose a 1 gallon container or a case of 4 Gallons
  • No mixing required
  • Use on Snow Cones, for Shake Flavoring or Shaved Ice
  • Approximately 60 - 70 Sno-Kones Per Gallon
  • Serving Size 8 Fluid Ounces
  • Works well with gallon syrup pump

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