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Bulk nuts sales may peak during the holidays, but they will remain strong year round when you carry a variety and place in a convenient place. Trail mixes and party mixes are extremely tasty and will delight even the finickiest customer. 
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Salted Cajun Kicker - 20lbs
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Fancy Cashews - 15lbs
Fancy Almonds - 15lbs
Reese's Snack Mix - 10ct
Purple Sunbursts Sunflower Seeds - 5lbs
Not for Sale
Dark Pink Sunbursts Sunflower Seeds - 5lbs
Not for Sale
Irish Crunch 8oz - 16ct
Irish Crunch 1lb - 16ct
Coffee Crunch 8oz - 16ct
Coffee Crunch 1lb - 16ct
Caramel Corn - 1lb - 16ct