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BulkShop Solutions Kit - A
BulkShop Solutions Kit - A

BulkShop Solutions Kit - A

Part Number:82802-6718 Price $4,310.28
Retail Price:$4,789.20 Savings:$478.92(10%)
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3.5 Gallon Scoop Bin (+$1,096.50)
Setting up your shop or business involves a lot of detailed planning and set up. Let us help make that just a little easier with this BulkShop Solutions Kit. Choose your theme and there you have it, one extensive array of bulk candies, coffee or natural food items. Customers will love the ease of collecting each item for purchase. Order yours today.


  • 67" Gondola
  • 2 mounting shelves
  • 2 catch tray shelves
  • 2 catch tray backings (color advertising)
  • 2 shelf strips (color advertising)
  • 2 67"color advertising wings
  • 18 Gravity Bin Dispensers
Want to add 6 scoop bins? – Select option above

  • 3 advertising option themes - Coffee/Candy/Natural Foods
  • Dimensions 82" high x 50" wide x 26" deep
  • Built-in stainless steel catch trays
  • Label holder size 5.25" x 4.75"
  • Metal and advertising - Made in the USA
  • Perfect as stand-alone display, connected back-to-back or side by side
  • Theme Choices
  • Fantastic Design
HEAVY - Truck Shipped - Surcharge Applies - We Will Contact You For Shipping Costs

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