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BulkShop Solutions Kit - C

BulkShop Solutions Kit - C

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Are you looking for a product that gives you tons of dispensing capability and still be stylish? The BulkShop Solutions Kit-C does that and more. This 95 inch gondola will be the highlight of your store with all the extras that are included. A total of 18 acrylic dispensers holding 3.5 gallons each allow you to showcase coffee beans, candy, and so much more. Use as a stand-alone display, connected side by side or even back-to-back, this kit will draw customers to it. Quick! Invest in yours today.


  • 95" Gondola
  • Roof Kit With Advertising
  • 2 Mounting Shelves
  • 3 Catch Tray Shelves
  • 2 Catch Tray Backings (Color Advertising)
  • 3 Shelf Strips (Color Advertising)
  • 2 - 95" Color Advertising Wings
  • 18 - 3.5 Gallon Acrylic Dispensers
  • 6 - 3.5 Gallon Scoop Bins
  • 4" Scoop Bin Bracket
  • 3 advertising option themes - Coffee/Candy/Natural Foods
  • Dimensions: 108" H x 50" W x 26" Deep
  • Built-In Stainless Steel Catch Trays
  • Label Holder Size: 5.25" x 4.75"
  • Metal And Advertising - Made In The USA
  • Dispensers Feature False Chamber For A Full Look Anytime
  • Perfect As Stand-Alone Display, Connected Back-To-Back Or side By Side
  • Stylish Gondola Draws In Customers
  • Loads Of Extras Included
  • Advertising Made Easy

HEAVY - Truck Shipped - Surcharge Applies - We Will Contact You For Shipping Costs

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