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CD / DVD Counter  Display - 6 Pockets

CD / DVD Counter Display - 6 Pockets

Part Number:83001-3345 Price $12.95
  • Keep Your Counters Organized
  • Sturdy & Dependable
  • Ideal For Music CD's & Movie DVD's
Talk about popular! Offering CD's and DVD's at your checkout counter is a great way to increase impulse purchases. A CD rack offering a selection of popular music will entice customers to purchase ensuring greater profits for you. Want to offer movies instead, then you are in luck as this display doubles as a DVD rack as well. Get yours at this terrific price today!

  • 12-1/2" W x 6" D x 9" H 
  • 3-tier CD display / DVD display with 6 pockets 
  • Holds: 12 total CD/DVD's
  • Counter top or slatwall mount 
  • Powder coated in black

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