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Candy Cigarettes - 24 Cases
Candy Cigarettes - 24 Cases

Candy Cigarettes - 24 Cases

Part Number:81105-400172-24 Price $269.03
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Mega package deal for Candy Cigarettes right here! You will get 24 boxes with 24 single count packs per box giving you 576 packs in all. These things sell like mad, so you will need this super pack. Each candy stick box includes ten white candy sticks with a tiny bit of red coloring at the tip. This nostalgic candy is a great ideal for showcasing at convenience stores, specialty shops, in candy vending machines plus more. Purchase your bulk candy package today and save!

  • 24 Boxes With 24 Packs Per Box
  • A Total Of 576 Individual Boxes
  • Net Weight Per Pack: .42 ounces
  • Candies Per Pack: 10
Disclaimer: We are not able to guarantee that sticks won't be broken or the size of each stick. The manufacturer makes these sticks a certain way and with a certain thickness. We are not responsible and the candy is sold "as is" from the manufacturer.

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