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Candy Cigarettes - 24 Cases

Candy Cigarettes - 24 Cases

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Mega package of Candy Cigarettes 24 boxes, with 24 count per box. These things sell like mad so you will need this super pack.

Disclaimer: We are not able to guarantee that sticks won't be broken or the size of each stick. The manufacturer makes these sticks a certain way and with a certain thickness. We are not responsible and the candy is sold "as is" from the manufacturer. 

Habits can be formed in twenty-one days. Outgrowing oral fixations can be successfully done in a few weeks. If you want to unlearn smoking, candy cigarettes can be a good transition to using gums and other confections as the new habit media. With this great possibility, parents and wives couldn’t be any happier now.

Believing that smokers can eventually slot into using candies, the crucial transition period would not be that hard. Conversely, it could even be more fun. You can actually send these as gifts to friends and loved ones you know are struggling with the canny vice. Surprise them with these cute and helpful treat and you just don’t know how you can help them.

Of its desired benefit, the other way around sometimes happen. Kids who become familiar with candy cigarettes can become smoking enthusiasts when they grow up. This has been passed as an issue causing a ban to the candy. Their market was affected by the buzzing reactions to its desensitizing effect. Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Turkey, Finland and Norway are among the countries who signed its ban. The United States of America and Canada also considered its ban but focused more on the look of its package—it should not use the exact name and design as the real ones.

The candy line which was creatively crafted in the early 20th century are also known as candy sticks, bubblegum or candy and are packaged like real cigarettes. Made out of sugar, bubblegum or chocolate, they are especially wrapped with paper to bear resemblance to the original one.

Today, the fun candy is still manufactured and sold worldwide. Its other uses include as props to No Smoking Day celebrations. It can also be used as props to plays, photo booths and games. They are great giveaways on birthdays and anniversaries or you can use them as ice breakers to fool guests as they arrive. You can act cool with them especially if you have asthma or lung problems. Candy cigarettes are definitely fun tokens that will spruce up your party.

Market of drug-like candies are almost unstoppable. Without a fight, fun treat aficionados would not relent. They believe in the fun and benefit so much it is perfectly convincing. Politically correct or not, the candy is alive and is bringing in sure profit. Vintage candies such as candy cigarettes are bound to create the fun and connection between users just as they were meant to be. Get them now and have that likely transition to greater gain!

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