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Candy Gummy Noodles
Candy Gummy Noodles

Candy Gummy Noodles

Part Number:82403-41231 Price $66.34
Candy Gummy Noodles are packaged in takeout style cartons with a window to see the candy within. 3.68 Ounces per box there are twenty-three fruit flavored gummies inside. There is a mix of gummy shrimp, veggies, half a boiled egg, candy noodles, and topping. Such a fun candy to share with friends who just can't get enough of Chinese take out, as well as those who just love creative gummy candies. Candy stores can set the brightly colored display box on their counters for an impulse purchase, on shelves in high traffic areas, as well as splitting them and dividing between the two locations. Order yours today!

  • 12 Boxes
  • 3.88 Ounces Each Box
  • Fun Takeout Carton Packaging With a Window To Showcase the Unique Gummies
  • Includes 23 Gummy Candies: (3) Candy Shrimps, (12) Candy Noodles, (5) Candy Vegetables, (2) Candy Topping and (1) Candy Egg
  • Fruit-Flavored Gummy Chews
  • Contains Wheat and Tree Nuts

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