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Chocolate Bugs and Bees - 16ct
Chocolate Bugs and Bees - 16ct

Chocolate Bugs and Bees - 16ct

Part Number:82403-34729 Coming February 2022
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Chocolate Bugs and Bees offer you a very unique and fun candy item this Easter season. Inside each box holds five chocolate bugs each has hazelnut and crisp centers and is wrapped with foil decorated to look like a variety of bugs and bees. Wrap it up and give it as is for a wonderful gift or basket stuffer. Each of the individually wrapped candies can also be placed in a candy dish, loosely in baskets, gift bags, and the like. A one of a kind decoration for springtime weddings when you place these wholesale candies around the tables for guests to enjoy. 

Stock up your shop with these creative hazelnut chocolates and be sure to catch the eyes of any passerby. The outside of the box is decorative and fun to go well with the chocolate inside. This fun candy makes a fantastic impulse item and can work great to decorate baked goods. Top cupcakes with each bug or bee and it creates a fun and adorable item this season. Order yours today!

  • 16 Count
  • 1.7 Ounces
  • 5 Pieces Per Pack
  • Milk Chocolate Shell
  • With Hazelnut And Crisp Center
  • Foil Wrapped With Adorable Mix Of Bugs And Bees Images