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Chupa Chups LollIpops - 48ct
Chupa Chups LollIpops - 48ct

Chupa Chups LollIpops - 48ct

Part Number:82403-30544 Price $14.69
  • 48 Lollipops
  • Great Snack Candy
Chupa Chups Lollipops are an amazing candy treat on a stick. These lollies aren't just a boring candy, each of the flavor combinations is rich and delicious. These 48 pops are the cremosa flavors which include a mix of four flavors: berries & cream, choco vanilla, strawberries & cream and mango yogurt. They are creamy, ice cream and yogurt based tastes that we also offer in a sixty count display. The fact that suckers are easy to grab and toss into lunch boxes, snack bags, purses and the like for an on the go treat anytime. Each is individually wrapped for freshness which allows them to be placed into pretty much any location in your day without worrying about sticky candy. Chupa chups are a perfect choice for putting into pinatas for parties, making part of the treat bags you send home, and other celebration events. For candy shop owners make sure to place this fun candy box near high traffic areas for customers to be able to shop with ease and impulse purchase them. Order yours today!

  • 48 Count
  • Assorted Cremosa Flavors Include Berries & Cream, Choco Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream and Mango Yogurt

DISCLAIMER: Due to the fragile nature of this product and delivery circumstances outside of our control, we will not guarantee that lollipops will arrive unbroken. The shipping process can often cause some or many lollipops to break. We package them as carefully as possible to prevent breaking, but we will not be held responsible for any broken lollipops regardless of how many are broken. Please be aware of this policy before placing an order. Thanks for understanding!

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