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Circus Peanuts - 12ct
Circus Peanuts - 12ct

Circus Peanuts - 12ct

Part Number:81105-103289 Price $91.49
Circus Peanuts are truly a unique marshmallow candy. Shaped to look like peanuts in their shells, colored that trademark light orange color and flavored to taste like bananas. Generations have enjoyed this one of a kind treat. While the outside has an imprint representative of a peanut shell, the inside is all soft marshmallow so each bite is sweet, soft and wonderful. Be sure to stock the shelves in your store with these nostalgic candy favorite. For those who love this candy, there is not another quite like it! This wholesale candy is a fun addition to circus-themed parties. Order yours today!

  • 12 Count
  • 12 Ounces Each
  • Fat-Free Candy
  • Marshmallows Orange In Color
  • Banana Flavored
  • Shaped Like A Peanut

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