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Clear Acrylic Shelf For Pegboard/Slatwall - 10.5in. - 4ct

Clear Acrylic Shelf For Pegboard/Slatwall - 10.5in. - 4ct

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Come and check out our sturdy and dependable shelves. Our Clear Acrylic Pegboard Shelf can display any retail item with a professional flair on most slat-walls and peg boards, no matter if they are floor fixtures or wall mounted. When you order from us, you will receive four of our acrylic shelves. The shelves are just over ten inches wide, giving you plenty of space to advertise your merchandise. Customers will buy what is readily accessible and easily seen. The thick acrylic material are supported by two center peg hooks that fit snugly to any slat-wall or pegboard display dependably. Display popular merchandise like athletic shoes, name brand sunglasses, or accessories for retail apparel are only a few of so many more possibilities. Create an organized wall display that best fits your retail needs and still keeps your customer's shopping convenience in mind. Ordering is easy, simply click and add to your online shopping cart today and save!


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