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Corner Full Vision Metal Framed Display Case

Corner Full Vision Metal Framed Display Case

Part Number:82913-29358 Price $546.46
  • Excellent Use of Corner Space
  • 6"H Storage Area in Base
  • Tempered Glass is Strong and Elegant
Don't waste the corner space! Highlight it with a Corner Full Vision Metal Framed Display Case. This glass display instantly draws customers to the contents within. Pair it up with an Extra Vision Display Case to crate a display system for your store. Jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and more will look even more sophisticated when placed in a retail showcase. Tempered glass and metal combine to give you an elegant, safe display case for your merchandise. Order today at Candy Concepts Inc.

  • 47"W x 38"H x 20"D
  • 20"H front viewing area
  • Adjustable top shelf is 10"D and bottom shelf is 12"D
  • Durable melamine laminate exterior finish
  • Stain finished clear anodized aluminum frame extrusion
  • Chrome finished standards and brackets
  • Ships knocked down

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