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Countertop Eyewear Easel - 4 Pairs - 2ct
Countertop Eyewear Easel - 4 Pairs - 2ct

Countertop Eyewear Easel - 4 Pairs - 2ct

Part Number:82930-55202 Price $42.50
Are you in search of a way to advertise sunglasses but you do not have much room to work with? Come and check out this Countertop Eyewear Easel. Our eye acrylic accessory display holds up to four pairs of shades, goggles, prescriptions and any other eyeglasses you wish to highlight. This acrylic display stand is constructed of highly durable, clear material and measures approximately three-inches wide by twelve-inches tall. Simply fold your eyewear and place on the upright stand directly in the nose position of your glasses. You can advertise eyewear on shelves and counters throughout your store. Add to your check out lines and possibly grab one last purchase before customers walk out your doors. Save yourself time and money by ordering your countertop eyewear display stand with us now!

  • 2 Count
  • Overall Dimensions: 3" W x 12" H
  • Holds Up To 4 Pairs Of Glass Frames
  • Clear Acrylic
  • Compact Style Display Rack For Glasses
  • Perfect For Highlighting New Arrivals At The Eye Doctors Office

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