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Countertop Glass Display
Countertop Glass Display

Countertop Glass Display

Part Number:82913-20092 Price $213.58
Creating a whole new display can be easier than ever with a Countertop Glass Display. This unique retail display case features a glass design that sits on top of your existing counter space. This store fixture measures 13-inches wide and deep with a height of 24-inches. Fill the two shelves and access them easily with the crystal-clear glass design. Shoppers have full view from all sides of this shelving unit to view the merchandise held within. When setting up your counter display stand, you can choose to have the door facing your employees or your patrons, employees can reload the glass case and more expensive materials are more secure. When setup the other way, customers have easy access and do not have to waste time in waiting for anyone to serve them. Store fixtures of many types are the way to increase impulse buying and sales figures. Order your glass retail displays today.

  • 1 Count Counter Display
  • Overall Dimensions: 13" W x 13" D x 24" H
  • Constructed Of Clear Glass Materials
  • Glass Retail Counter Display
  • Products Can Be Seen From All Sides
  • Clear Visibility
  • Door Closes With Magnetic Clasp
  • Integrated Lock Secures Your Merchandise
  • Includes 2 Fixed Glass Shelves
    • 8" Of Space Between Shelves
  • Door Can Face The Employee Or The Customer

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