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Cowboy Boots Mint Tins - 24ct
Cowboy Boots Mint Tins - 24ct

Cowboy Boots Mint Tins - 24ct

Part Number:82403-36179 Price $72.82
No need to get your pea shooters out for these delightful treats. Cowboy Boots Mint Tins are the ideal treat for all your cowgirls and rodeo clowns. The embossed tins are in the form of a cowboy boot with various bright and colorful designs made to get noticed in your store no matter at your checkout lines and service areas or in your candy aisles with other types of wholesale candy treats. If you are hosting a western themed party or special occasion, these country style collectible tins are ideal to hand out to your family and friends. The metal candy containers are filled with cool mint flavored candy pieces and once they are gone you can reuse the boot shaped tins for carrying more candy, coins and other small materials you wish to have in your purse or shirt pocket. Order your collectible tin and increase impulse buying in your store today!

  • 24 Count
  • 0.56 Ounces
  • Overall Dimensions Of Tin: 2.5" x 3" x 0.75"
  • Embossed Tins
  • Cowboy Boot Tin Shaped
  • Assortment Of Colorful Designs
  • Cool Mint Candy
  • Collectible

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