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Cupcake Cotton Candy Tub -18ct
Cupcake Cotton Candy Tub -18ct

Cupcake Cotton Candy Tub -18ct

Part Number:82403-35986 Price $43.39
The Cupcake Cotton Candy Tub not only holds fantastic cupcake flavored cotton candy but has the outside decorated with adorable cupcake images to catch the attention of those who are shopping. Cotton candy is one of the most popular candy treats during the summer months especially but lets face it, year round those little strands of spun sugar are amazing! Set up your own cotton candy area in your shop with your own machine and increase sales by stocking tubs or bags with other flavors near to really increase profits. Announce that delectable flavors that you offer within your location to draw in those who might otherwise pass by with the cotton candy window cling and once they enter and see cupcake flavored cotton candy you are sure to have happy patrons. Imagine this candy melting in your mouth with the delightful cupcake taste and you now have the perfect mix of a treat for all patrons. What an amazing item to give out at birthday parties so guests can take them home and enjoy the fun even after the party is over. Order yours today! 

  • 18 Count
  • 1.5 Ounces Each
  • Cupcake Flavored Cotton Candy

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