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DM15 Price Computing Scale -15lb. Capacity
DM15 Price Computing Scale -15lb. Capacity

DM15 Price Computing Scale -15lb. Capacity

Part Number:81405-191103 Price $450.92
The DM15 Price Computing Scale is a great scale for frozen yogurt shops, candy stores, and health food stores. With the rear and front backlit LCD’s both the customer and employee can see at the same time the exact weight, unit price and total price of the items on the scale (up to six 0.5-in/13-mm high digits). This computing scale is great for measuring out coffee beans, bulk nuts, wholesale candy, frozen yogurt and its toppings. 

  • 240 ounce capacity by 0.1 ounce accuracy (15 lb x 0.005 lb). 
  • Offers up to 99 easy-to-add PLUs for fast reference 
    • 14 direct quick keys and 85 indirect PLUs
  • The retail price computing scale has dual power source 
    • Rechargeable battery pack and 110/120VAC 50/60 Hz adapter 
    • Both are included. 
  • Auto Shut-off, Sleep, and Backlight Off modes extend the retail scale’s battery life.
  • NTEP legal-for-trade scale 
  • Pre-Pack key saves time by retaining the Unit Price and Tare for repetitive price computing 
  • Features adjustable feet and bubble level.
  • Stainless Steel Platform
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery Pack
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