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Decorative Lights

Visual Effects Lighting - Party Lights - Lighting for Special Effects
Decorative Lighting

Submersible color changing lights, white l.e.d rings, and maxi light bases are all wonderful ways to create lighted decorations for any occasion. Be as creative as your pocketbook will allow and entice this opportunity to create an award winning masterpiece full of special effects. Add some realistic dazzling party lights to your floral arrangements today!

  • Creates Mood Lighting
  • Underwater Radiance Display
  • Highlights Event Centerpieces
  • Spotlights Buffet Menu Items
  • Accents Ice Sculptures
  • Lighted Display with Wall Mount
  • Decorating for Holidays
  • Patio Party Lights

These modern day display accents definitely optimize your already flawless decor. Just go up one step further and accentuate the positive. No two people think alike, decorate alike, cook alike, so why try to be like someone else. Step Up! And step out! And be your own creative queen of your castle. Visualize your special effects showdown!

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White LED Ribbon Light