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Disney Wonderball Mini - 10ct

Disney Wonderball Mini - 10ct

Part Number:82403-34631 Price $23.41
  • Two Pack For Sharing 
  • Feature Disney Themes
Disney Wonderball Mini is a great chocolate treat for your store. Inside each box are two foil wrapped chocolate balls. The foil wrapper is decorated with Disney themes and holds a chocolate ball that when opened holds treats like candy, stickers and more. Keep one share the other or open both to collect each item inside. Wholesale candies like this which give you more than just the delightful taste of candy are really popular and loved. They work great for gift bags at birthday parties or for anyone who loves Disney movies and wants to collect each and every item they can. Place near this single minions themed wonder balls for higher profits. 

Offer fun and you have happy patrons add chocolate to that and you have very happy customers. Not many will turn down delectable chocolate after all. There are sixteen possibilities of candy characters that will tumble out of this ball so keep going till you get each and every one of these. Perfect impulse purchase items when put near your registers so order yours today!

  • 10 Count
  • 1.41 Ounces Each
  • Milk Chocolate With Surprise Candy Characters And Stickers
  • 2 Pack Of Wonderballs

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