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It's Easter Time at Middlebury Sweets! Photos by B. Jenne - Owner

Here comes Peter Cottontail with all his delicious Easter Candy treats. From fun twists on candy corn to a wide range of shaped candies you are going to love the mix of wholesale Easter candy available to you.
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Peeps Pink Chicks - 24ct
Coming February 2027
Peeps Pink Bunnies - 24ct
Coming February 2028
Peeps Yellow Chicks - 24ct
Coming February 2031
Lucky Duckies - 10lbs
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Chick Magnet Milk Chocolate Bar - 24ct
Coming February 2024
Easter White Chocolate Bark Tin - 9ct
Coming February 2034
Easter White Chocolate Bark - 5lbs
Coming February 2033
Bunny Bait Milk Chocolate Bar  - 21ct
Coming February 2023
Belgian Milk Chocolate Bunny 6.5oz - 12ct
Coming February 2035
Peter's Dark Chocolate Bunny 6.5oz - 12ct
Coming February 2030
Spring Nonpariels - 6lbs
Coming February 2025
Semi-Solid Chocolate Foiled Bunny  - 12ct
Coming February 2026
Mini Chocolate Chicks - 10lbs
Coming February 2029