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Emoji Choco Treasure Surprise - 12ct
Emoji Choco Treasure Surprise - 12ct

Emoji Choco Treasure Surprise - 12ct

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This Emoji Choco Treasure Surprise ball is a fun item to purchase for yourself or give as a gift. The wholesale candy is a wonderful piece to place into treat bags to send home from birthday parties, they can also be a fun scavenger hunt item as well as around easter time part of an egg hunt. There are so many ways to share this emoji product for friends and family to enjoy. There are twenty-four small boxes which come with a foil wrapped chocolate encased plastic egg. Snack on the chocolate while you open the egg to find a booklet showcasing all the emoji items you could collect as well as your toy surprise itself. Customers can keep coming back for more to attempt collection of all the figures available. 

If you love the concept of this wholesale item we also offer the Shopkins choco surprise as well as a baby animals version. Showcase these fun candies near your register for a wonderful impulse item as well as an attention grabber. Emojis are too cute to pass up and when you add chocolate into that mix it's really hard to walk away from. Order yours today!

  • 24 Count
  • 0.8 Ounces
  • Chocolate Ball With One Treasure Inside

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