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Emoji Plush Easter Egg
Emoji Plush Easter Egg

Emoji Plush Easter Egg

Part Number:82403-34357 Coming February 2021
Out of Stock
This Emoji Plush Easter Egg is a bundle of fun. Perfect for including in your kiddos Easter baskets or just giving out by itself to people in your life. These eggs are plastic with a clear front and colored backing. The contents of this wholesale Easter candy holder are a plush emoji clip-on toy, jelly beans, and stickers. Each plush has ears like a bunny that stick out of holes on the top of the egg and all have different expressions. So be sure to collect them all! Bright, colorful and bold your customers will be quick to see this Easter themed product. Put on public view near your registers for impulse purchases. Order today!

  • 12 Count
  • 1.5 Ounces Each
  • Plastic Egg With Clear Front
  • Holds An Emoji Plush Clip-On Toy, Jelly Beans, and Stickers
  • Collect All Plush Emoji Faces

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