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Extra Long Twizzlers
Extra Long Twizzlers

Extra Long Twizzlers

Part Number:82403-30307 Coming October 2020
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Extra Long Twizzlers are each over a foot long and each package holds 25 ounces of the licorice. This wonderful strawberry licorice candy has been a popular candy since it was first created in 1929, customers are likely to have friends and families who this is the perfect gift for. Place the extra long packages of Twizzlers in with the seasonal candies in your shop as well as on your counters for a great impulse purchase. Include in gift baskets, keep at home for when people come over for Christmas or just to enjoy yourself. Order yours today!

  • 18 Bags
  • 25 Ounces Each
  • Extra Long Strawberry Licorice
  • Each Is Over A Foot Long
  • Transparent Panel On Wrapper Shows Candy
  • Longtime Classic Candy

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