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Five-Step Pyramid - 36"
Five-Step Pyramid - 36'

Five-Step Pyramid - 36"

Part Number:82917-363605P Price $676.50
  • Perfect Display For Center Of Your Shop
  • Easy To Assemble
This Five Step Pyramid Display is 36 inches in length and will ensure you have plenty of room to display your products. Perfect for middle of store displays or outside your establishment. Double sided with two steps on each side and one on the top to give you 360 degree viewing. These retail fixtures are sturdy so they can hold any of your merchandise items with ease. Cases of beverages, snacks, car supplies like oil and washer fluid, baked goods in  your bakery area, and of course there is always the outdoor gardening section. Plants and supplies will fit on this step rack and look great. Customers can shop with ease and take home each and every item they need or want.

These five step pyramid racks are available in three lengths; this 36 inch size, 66 inch size and 96 inch. Order one or line up several for more impact. Order your floor displays today to increase your store appeal.
  • 1 Count
  • Overall Dimensions: 36" W x 63" D x 42" H
  • Five-Step Pyramid Display Is 63" Wide
  • Bottom Tier Of The Display Is 12" High
  • Middle Tier Is 24" High
  • Top Tier Is 36" High
  • Benches In All Three Tiers Are 16" Deep
  • Pyramid Displays Are Available in three lengths: 36", 66" and 96"
  • No Tools Assembly - Use For A Temporary Or Permanent Display
  • Made Of Heavy Duty Recycled Plastics
  • Great For The Environment

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