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Floral Cart - 12 Vase

Floral Cart - 12 Vase

Part Number:82307-FC2452 Price $268.53
Retail Price:$330.99 Savings:$62.46(19%)
Get it super sized! This large 12 vase floral stand will be sure to catch customers attention when filled with bright colorful flowers, make wedding bouquets, or a silk arrangement. This flower cart is easy to assemble and fits into tight spaces. It will be a great investment for floral shop owners by placing at counter enticing customers to stop and smell the flowers increasing impulse buys. Get your wholesale flower display stands today and watch your profits get super sized! Just add to cart.

  • Rings Snap into Place
  • Easy to Assemble Durable Powder Coat Finish
  • Sold With Vases
  • Includes Sign Frame
  • Dimensions: 24"W x 59"H x 20"D

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