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Freeze Dried Neapolitan Sandwich
Freeze Dried Neapolitan Sandwich

Freeze Dried Neapolitan Sandwich

Part Number:81105-103391 Price $67.19
A Freeze Dried Neapolitan Sandwich is a unique treat to offer your customers. Inside each pouch is an old fashioned chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream sandwich made of real ice cream. With no refrigeration needed, due to the freeze dried process, you can showcase this novelty treat throughout your location. Kids can have fun trying out genuine astronaut food and decide if they like the unique texture and flavor of ice cream in a new form. These sandwiches will not melt and can be included in space themed parties for goody bags or treats to try together at the event. What a fun tool to bring into the classroom as the students learn about space and space travel! Showcase in your shop for impulse sales and increased profits. Order today!

  • 12 Sandwiches
  • 1.13 Ounces Each Sandwich
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Old fashioned chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream sandwich
  • Made from real ice cream, freeze-dried for a great treat
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Ready to eat
  • It will not melt
  • Genuine Astronaut Food

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